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It's Over !

1. He stops texting you back even though he used to text you first.
2. He's busy with life and living and excuses.
3. When he kisses you it feels like he's thinking to hard, as though he can't wait to get away. When he stops, he turns and doesn't look back.
4. When you ask him a question the replies are short or not at all. When you're silent he doesn't make the effort to speak.
5. I love you are met with awkwardness. I love you are met with, 'why?' I love you are met with, 'you shouldn't'
6. He sighs, A lot
7. He looks angry on some days and sad on others. Either way you don't know what to do. Hearing your voice used to calm him down, now it seems to have the opposite effect.
8. He dismisses your fears as ridiculous. You tell him that you're worried but he just rolls his eyes. You think he's being insensitive but it's because he doesn't want to lie. You're looking for comfort where there's none.
9. You make him unhappy so you give him space. The gap keeps getting larger and larger and you feel him slipping away. Do you hold on, or let go, regret it for the rest of your life?
10. He tells you that things change and he's changed his mind. He tells you that it wasn't your fault but somehow that doesn't make things right. He tells you a lot of things but you stopped listening at 'I stopped loving you.' He tells you he doesn't want to hurt you but all you feel is pain. 

Tbh, it's all over. This is my life. I've to facing it even though it's hard  broken heart

Terima kasih :)